This weekend the boyfriend and I attended the annual Humber Street Sesh which takes place in and around Hull’s Marina and Fruit Market. Humber Street Sesh is a celebration of the very best emerging bands and acts from across the Humber region. Over 200 acts performed across 14 stages in just one day, Humber Street Sesh also boasts an array of arts activities, markets, a silent disco, a funfair and skate parks. Now in its 6th year and with over 32,000 revellers attending this year’s unique urban festival it was quite simply the place to be on Saturday 5th August.




The day kicks off at 11am but we arrived to the site just before 4pm, the first port of call was naturally a refreshing alcoholic beverage which took 30 mins of queues and 2 broken cider pumps to receive. It was quite apparent that the festival’s uptake had significantly increased from the previous year, and although there was more facilities and bars open, there were more attendees so the queues were at an impasse.


We had a wander around the site to get our bearings, bumping into several different parties of people, before we decided to try out the infamous 2 pint glasses The Minerva were offering punters, of course these sold out as soon as we reached the bar and so we resigned to clutching two pints in each hand – the ultimate festival accessory in my eyes.



After searching all across the site I found my friends and took a moment to sit down and catch up (in between heading back into town to find a less intimidating toilet queue). It was quickly into the evening, my friends left and I went in search of my favourite liquid….gin. There’s a marvelous caravan bar (part of The Minerva I believe) simply called ‘The Gin Caravan’ that offers the finest selection of gins and garnishes alongside Proseccos and Pimms, it’s so quintessentially English and lovely and I would very much like it moored in my back garden. I had a Bathtub gin and tonic which was garnished with orange segments and juniper berries, the boyfriend had an Edinburgh Rhubarb and Gin Liquor with tonic, I had a cheeky wee sip of his too, I’ve tried the rhubarb gin before with ginger ale and found it too sweet but the tonic mixer had a much sharper and more refreshing taste which I will be trying again.





We made our way down Humber Street and watched a couple of bands down there – the old warehouses had been opened up into stages which was pretty cool. Humber Street was absolutely thriving with people and it was that light just before a sunset which caused a glorious, aesthetically pleasing golden light to be cast across every building and person – great for photography.










We wandered around Victoria Dock and stood enjoying music, gin and a beautiful sunset casting a pretty pink hue over the usually murky River Humber. We got another gin from the caravan – Liverpool Gin served with watermelon and mint for me and Liverpool Valencia Orange gin served with orange and juniper berries for him. With our plastic glasses in hand we made our way to The University of Hull Main Stage to watch York four-piece King No-One perform.




King No-One delivered an effortless and polished performance of infectious indie-rock tunes that you couldn’t help but dance along to. Lead singer Zach Lount is the perfect showman and has seemingly perfected intertwining audience interaction into the set. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this band and am eager to see them perform live again.


Next up we watched local punk band Life take to the main stage. This Hull-based four-piece took to the stage with a riotous sense of energy and frustration. Their sound instantly reminded me of Manchester band Cabbage – frantic, confident and ready to incite chaos across the UK music scene. I’ll be giving this band another listen but I feel they are an act you have to be in the presence of to truly admire what they are about.



It was then time to catch the last train back home – The Drunk Train, full of bleary red-eyed people clutching McDonalds and crammed into the carriages. I felt somewhat smug I hadn’t had too many bevvies (mainly due to the wait at the bars, but still). I’d also somehow lost my voice by this point so excess alcohol may not have helped the situation.  We got off the train, got a pizza and cheesy chips (our tea) and headed back home to chill out after a long day of sun, crowds and live music.


I think Humber Street Sesh is only going to rise in popularity year on year after having such a successful event this time round and I feel organisers may have to have a longer think about food, drink and toilet facilities – many people headed back into the main town to find more accessible facilities, toilet and bar queues were ridiculous and definitely need a rethink. That is my only criticism of the event, everything else came together to create a truly unique music day festival and I will certainly be returning.

Until next time,

sign off


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