I thought I’d try something a little bit different, self-deprecating and fun for this post. This isn’t my first blog, I previously had one over on blogger or blogspot which was mainly ‘style’ related, I thought it would be fun to revisit my old blogging platform and recoil in embarrassment at the posts and photos. I stopped using my old blog regularly when I went to uni (because naturally nights out and drinking got in the way) and when I wanted to start blogging again last year, I felt it would just be easier and cleaner to start afresh. So this is going to be a visual timeline of how my style has progressed in the last 5 years, and be warned I was still very much finding my style over this period. I’m also sans-fringe and not ginger which is a strange concept to look back on now.

feb 13 0

Let’s get started, above is my first ever blog post from December 2012, I can remember being inspired by fashion bloggers and vloggers and thought it was something I could do during my year out before going to uni. I very much held Alexa Chung as the style icon, and still do to this day, so I think I was doing my best to channel Miss Chung with what I had in my wardrobe. I don’t hate this look, I still have the boots and the oversized jumper now, however the accessories are just too much; I now tend to go for much more understated and delicate jewellery.

feb 13

This is the first post I asked someone to take a photo for me (hence the unnatural pose), it was on a family walk and I got a bit of stick for the posing because they didn’t understand it was for a blog. It’s a terrible outfit because the scarf completely hides it and it all just looks a bit awkward. This one was dated February 2013, so it must’ve been a very cold day if the faux fur, bobble hat and ridiculously sized scarf are to go by.

march 13 00

Next up we have a photo from March 2013. This OOTD also features Ruby the Springerdoodle rocking dreadlocks, she has since been cut and groomed (regularly) and looks a little less yeti. I am again rocking my faux-leather jacket from eBay. This is quite a grungy, punk look and yet again I don’t hate it but again I would keep the accessories simpler; less is quite often more. I was obsessed with the fake Celine bag pictured because every blogger/vlogger seemed to have one.

march 13

This photo is again from March, it’s quite 50s retro with the head tie. I had a dip-dye at this point, as it was deemed the must have hair. I think I’ve always played around with retro styles- the 60s has always been a great source of reference for me but until recently I struggled to translate this in a way that was truly ‘me’.

21st april13

This next look is interesting to say the least, it’s from April 2013. I believe I was attempting a ‘sophisticated’ look, so I teamed a very mini skater dress with an oversized blazer, a clutch bag and some thigh high white socks. This would have maybe worked with just the dress and the socks but the added extras are just a little bit catastrophic.

april 13

This one is an attempt at a ‘Lana Del Rey’ look (dated mid April 2013), I went all Blue Peter and made the floral headband myself out of old paper flowers wire wrapped round a headband (that thing was a bugger to wear), I used a maxi skirt to achieve a ‘boho’ vibe and paired a simple crop with some very tacky gold chains because I’d seen a cool photo of Lana with gold chains, it doesn’t work on me somehow.

april 13 1Here’s a close up shot of the DIY garland which for some reason I teamed with a spike fake stretcher earring and a silver Buddha stud. I live and learn.

may 1st 13

This next one is from my 19th Birthday on the 1st May 2013. My main present was these Doc Martens and as you can see they were fresh out of the box. I was a lot skinnier four years ago and was about a 4/6 dress size so I would use oversize knits to try and hide this because I never felt comfortable. I’m not entirely sure what this look is, I wouldn’t wear it now, it all just looks a bit clumsy and slightly like a kids’ TV presenter.

may 13 1

This is another grunge inspired outfit from May 2013, featuring my biker jacket and now knackered white converse. The daisy print dress was my mums and I liked to layer thin laddered knitwear over the top. This isn’t horrendous but I’d ditch the tacky Rihanna-inspired gold lion necklace and swap the converse for Docs.

may 13 0

We’re still in May 2013 with this next outfit, which features a beautiful green paisley print skirt from Topshop (why did I get rid of you!) The other components to this look are just a bit ‘meh’ – oversized black ‘boyfriend’ tee, too many accessories and a strange chav-esque side pony – sigh.

may 13 00

This outfit takes us into early June 2013 and I don’t even know where to begin. It’s not me at all, I was obviously trying something a bit different but it just doesn’t work. Homemade hair garland is back, as is tacky gold chain and too many accessories. From the last 3 photos, it’s clear I was fond of a loose side ponytail. I don’t like looking at this photo because it’s just not me, there is no trace of my current style in this look whereas it is somewhat evident in the other pictures.

june 13 0

This was from mid-June 2013, I was going to see Kasabian so I’d gone for a rocky-gig vibe with a dark colour palette and thankfully a much simpler necklace. My hair is more dip-dyed at this point and I don’t think it looks too bad. Chunky knit is back out again to hide my insecurities. It’s not a terrible outfit but definitely needs refining.

june 13

This next outfit is from late-June 2013 and it features a simple palm-printed smock dress which I would probably still own if it fit for the summer months. I’m rocking my Casio watch that I was obsessed with and only one bracelet on the opposite arm (progress!)


This outfit moves us on into July 2013. It’s not terrible but it’s certainly not me. I remember this teeny tiny faux leather bralet was a must-have from ASOS, I never feel comfortable flashing skin in crop-tops so this was daring for me, I’ve covered up again in an oversized fluffy knit and leopard print maxi skirt (I’ve always loved a wee bit of sassy leopard print).

july 13 1

I feel a little bit uncomfortable when I look at this photo because the style is so different to anything I’d wear now. It’s taken from a post that was dated July 2013, I think at this point of my blog I was concentrating more on what other fashion bloggers were wearing and telling me to wear rather than focusing on my own unique style, so this is all just a bit disastrous to look back on. I’m also a lot skinnier and have absolutely no boobs or bum which is a little unpleasant to view but also shows me how much my body has developed since – thankyou pizza!

17th july 13

This next one is again from July and I’m not really sure how to explain why I thought loungewear would make for a good OOTD. It’s a lovely backdrop but I’m basically in my pajamas so there isn’t too much to say here apart from can I get that tan back please!?

29th juky 13

Still in July with this one which was taken during a walking holiday to the Lakes (hence the knackered Adidas trainers). I’ve never been one for proper walking attire which shows here and instead have gone for a strappy summer dress and far too many accessories – keep it simple stupid! It’s all just a bit ‘meh’ this look and doesn’t really capture any aspect of my current style.

27th july

This was again from the holiday to the Lakes and I’d over-styled a badly fitted Bardot dress and with a stern expression to complete it. I’d clearly attempted a 60s look with the Bardot neckline but completely overdid it with an excess of bracelets, a spiked floral headband, spiky sandals and a long chain. There’s an element of my current style here but it’s unfortunately drowned out by everything else.

aug 13 13

Still on my jollies here and in such a stunning location. This tie-dye smock dress has a bit of a 60’s free-love revival flower power festival feel to it and for once the use of bangles and bracelets don’t distract but I would ditch the headband and the stern expression if I ever tried to recreate this look.

aug 13 02

Still in the Lakes but I was clearly aiming for more of a Coachella vibe with this outfit, if the garland was removed and the trainers swapped for Docs then this would be an effortless festival look.

4th aug 13

Still in the Lakes, this is just a basic summer exploring outfit and it just needs some refining; I’d remove that bloody headband, get rid of the fishnet shorts underneath the denim, switch the sandals to Converse and swap the black bra to a more neutral colour (or go without).

aug 11th 13

Another holiday shot, it’s a very casual exploring look so you can’t go wrong with a pair of dungarees but again I’d ditch that awful spiked garland on my head (I no longer own this bit of tat thankfully) and probably lose the bracelets to give more of an understated vibe.

aug 7

Moving into early-August 2013 and I’m rocking a Beetlejuice-esque dress. It’s already a statement piece so again I’d remove the bulky accessories if I were to wear it again now. It was a smock dress and I paid a fair amount for it from Motel Rocks just because I saw another blogger with it, I sold it on eBay a while back because it just didn’t represent ‘me’ anymore.

aug 13 2

A casual vibe here and slightly boho, this skirt is the same style as the aforementioned paisley one but in a girly floral print. I’d toughened up the prettiness of the skirt with clunky black cut-out boots and spiky accessories. It’s a decent outfit but again needs fine-tuning.


Another festival-inspired look from August 2013 – I was clearly desperate to go to a festival. Combining a floral kimono shirt with round Lennon-esque round sunnies (they didn’t then and still don’t now suit my round face) and yet again the DIY garland. To diffuse the girly florals I’d gone for a black dress and the clunky cut-out boots again. Gives off a grungy vibe once again, it’s not terrible but it’s not an outfit I would wear now.

aug 13 0

Still in August ’13 and grunge inspired again here, mixing delicate lace with tough girl leather, I quite like it but would ditch the boots for a simpler Chelsea ankle boot.

aug 5

Still in August (what a productive month for blog posts), and wearing a tartan mini-dress and very sleek looking hair. It’s quite a cute outfit and is probably one of the best of the bunch.

sep 13 0000

Moving on to September ’13 and I’ve clearly rediscovered my goth phase – the hell is that in my hair really!? Other than the goth-garland this is not a terrible outfit but it just lacks colour and the raspberry pink bag is just a clumsy addition.

sep13 1

September ’13 still and cute tartan dress is back only this time with fluffy knitwear and Disney tights and for some reason a heavy looking tacky gold necklace. It’s quite a playful look and without the chain I think it makes quite a cool casual outfit but I won’t be pulling on any Mickey Mouse tights anytime soon!

sep13 00

This one is from mid-September ’13 and it’s a very ‘meh’ affair – creased skorts and a scruffy jumper is not a great look. I remember not feeling comfortable at the time but that skorts were oh so fashionable so I felt obliged to dip my toes. Looking back…it’s a no from me.


This is the last OOTD blog post before I went to uni, it was from my leaving meal and I just think it’s a disaster. I think knowing I was leaving to do a fashion course led me to panic and try experiment with my clothes to look more ‘fashiony’. The lurex glitter skirt and clutch combo is straight from the 80s and nothing else really fits – or maybe it’s just that horrendous gold necklace clouding my judgement.


This was my first fashion post after starting uni, dated December ’13 and I’ve gone back to the grunge vibes and block black tones, choosing to liven it up with complimenting a red tartan scarf to my cherry Docs.


My hair is also a pastel candyfloss ombre which I still look back on and crave, I think putting colours in my hair stopped me from experimenting with colour in my wardrobe so I always fell back on the fail-safe option of black.

jan 14

This is from January 2014 when I apparently had a beautiful coat and a worried expression. My hair is still painted candyfloss colours and I’m still rocking my Docs. I think there is just a bit too much black tones going on here, the coat drowns out the black jeans, maybe if I’d added a pop of colour with a different bag then this would be slightly better.

april 14

This one is dated from April 2014, my hair is dip-dyed blue here but since it’s black and white that is impossible to see that. I’d put on some weight by this point and I remember knowing that these black mom jeans in a size 6 were completely uncomfortable for my additional padding. They were quickly sold when I came to this realisation.


So this one jumps ahead to August 2014 and my blue hair is quite obvious here.  I was still clearly inspired by festival fashion, combining a band tee with a maxi skirt and a lot of bracelets. The goth-garland is unfortunately back but it somehow works a bit better with this more playful outfit. All together it does look like I should be watching bands in a field and not chilling on a wall.


Blue-hair-don’t-care. These dogtooth print jeggings would work a lot better with a looser fitting top, t-shirt or jumper and not a tight crop top but I was obviously feeling myself on this day.


This is again from August ’14 and I’m clearly feeling very smug about matching my socks to my coat. I quite like this casual look and it’s nice to observe that I’ve finally stopped overloading on so many accessories. I’ve still got this coat, currently in my eBay pile but after looking back on this I might dig it out again.

sept 14

Aaaaand this is my last ever outfit post on my old blog and dates from September 2014. I  have red hair with lilac ends and a load of festival bands on my wrist. This high-necked top and leather mini-skirt was potentially the turning point for my 60s modish outfit choices. Overall this outfit is a bit clumsy and ill-fitting and again like much of this outfit archive needs a little bit of refinement.


So this is my most recent OOTD on this blog and I think it’s one of my favourite looks – I’ve combined the best of festival, boho, grunge, rock ‘n’ roll and vintage to create this quite effortless but very ‘me’ looks.

I think compiling this post has shown me that like life, personal style is a learning curve. I’m more or less where I want to be with my style now, I tend to favour vintage inspired pieces reminiscent of the 60s and 70s and update them with some modern flair. If I don’t feel 100% confident or happy in an outfit then I won’t wear or buy it, for me now it’s all about statement patterns and colours and what I instinctively love and less about what fashion magazines think works. I think there are aspects of my past outfits that reflect my current style but I was just finding my feet with how to properly translate it. I’m glad I now don’t over do it with accessories and ridiculous hairbands.  As cringe-inducing as I found this post I hope you’ve enjoyed my style transition.

Until next time,

sign off


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