It’s coming towards the end of July (how already!?), which means over half the year has passed! Since 7 months have already passed this post is dedicated to 7 goals I have set for my future, because sometimes it’s good to write them down and this way I can look back and tick them off as and when they are completed.



Experiment more with my style. I have always been somewhat creative with my personal style and obviously there has been some mishaps (self-cringe inducing post coming soon) but recently I feel like I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. Old clothes no longer fit or no longer suit so I’m on the hunt for new pieces to add to my collection and I want to get bolder with my selections. I recently bought this beautiful mustard maxi dress which is my style on paper but the colour was a dare for me. Mustard is a beautiful shade and I’ve never attempted wearing it before because I felt it didn’t flatter my colouring… but I just saw it hanging there all alone, drawing me in and I just thought F it and bought it without trying it on. So applying the same attitude as I had with this dress, I want to get braver with adding more and more colour to my wardrobe.





I am currently learning how to drive, it’s my goal to have passed my test by the end of this year or early 2018. I put off driving until I finished uni because I didn’t see the point if I didn’t have a car. I started looking for an instructor in September last year but because I can only do lessons after work or on weekends I struggled to find someone who could fit me in, my instructor answered my prayers in April and I’ve been cracking on with weekly lessons ever since. My dream car is a Mini Cooper, so the hunt for my own stylish but cheap vehicle will start as soon as I pass.


I have been to see a lot of bands already this year and have quite a few more gigs and live music events booked into my diary. I love gigs and festivals – the atmosphere is just incredible, so over the next few years I want to experience more of them. I would love to be able to go to Glastonbury one day and TRNSMT in Glasgow looks like it would be my cup of tea. I think Festivals are so special because they bring people together and who doesn’t love glitter face-paint, alcohol in plastic cups and wearing wellies?




By far my biggest and most adult goal is that I want to own my own home. Come the end of 2018 myself and the boyfriend want to be in the position to start to buy our own little house. We have forecast that by that time we will have raised the minimum amount for a deposit between us and can start the house hunt. It’s a scary prospect financially but with some lifestyle adaptions it will be possible and we are ready to own some bricks that we can call our own. That means that up until then we are saving as many pennies as possible to make this dream a reality.





I want to see more places, I love visiting and exploring new cities and towns both in the UK and abroad. So over the next year or so I want to experience as many day trips, mini-breaks and holidays as I can fit around my calendar and budget. I think it’s important to see as much of the world as you can, even somewhere new just slightly out of town is still an enriching experience. I go to Sorrento in October and I’m already planning the different parts of it to visit ( and all the pizza and pasta I will be consuming), it’s the first time I’ve been abroad on holiday for about 15 years so I’m very excited about it.





I want to get fit. I’m currently in the process of getting a toned tum and lifted bum, I asked my younger brother to sort me out an exercise plan – he studied sport, coaching and fitness at college so I basically have a free personal trainer (cheers bro). I’m mostly sticking to it and feel better when I’ve completed a session but I struggle with the mindset of wanting to do it. I chose to do my gym routine at home due to cost reasons and having flashes of anxiety at the thought of people watching me struggle with the equipment but I’m still exercising and so it still counts.



Drink more water. This goal sounds so boring but it’s something that will benefit my body and mind. Women on average should drink three bottles of 500ml water a day, at times I don’t even manage one bottle so this is something I need to improve on, as increasing my water intake will decrease fatigue – a regular complaint for me. Water will also help my skin feel a bit more refreshed and hydrated so it’s really something I need to get on board with.




So there we have it, my seven goals for the future – some big and some small. Now I just have to make sure I achieve them.

Until next time,

sign off

(P.S. Why not go and check out my last post all about how to survive a long distance relationship here )








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