On Friday 16th June I cashed in some owed lieu hours and took the day off work so the boyfriend and I could go on a little seaside adventure pre-Charlatans gig in Scarborough. We set off just before dinnertime and drove over with a banging playlist of indie / alternative summertime tunes (courtesy of moi). Prior to this trip, my last visit to this North Yorkshire coastal town was a few years back so I was quite excited for this day trip – because who doesn’t love the seaside.




We arrived at 1pm-ish and our first port of call was Scarborough’s Peasholm Park. Peasholm Park is a place that is reminiscent of childhood as it’s somewhere we would visit in the summer holidays, I have hazy memories of the swan boats and bridges and it’s still just as pretty as memory serves. The park is oriental themed and with the sun shining down on us it was possible to pretend we were actually somewhere in the Orient. We wandered around the different trails, taking in the ponds and waterfalls and making friends with over confident squirrels before walking into the South Bay area of town.




Our walk into the town centre was under blue skies and sunshine so looking out to the blue sea it was easy to be tricked into thinking we were somewhere abroad and not in North Yorkshire. As it was a school day, Scarborough was relatively quiet which made it that bit more relaxing to explore.



We walked past the harbour and all the amusement arcades alongside the beach all the way up to the Spa and took in the postcard-pretty views of the beach on the Spa terrace. It was mid-afternoon at this point and food and thirst levels were increasingly low so we went to find a Wetherspoons (where else) and after a slightly disappointing but much needed meal we went back out into the sea air and had a walk along the sand. Seaside resorts can for some be a bit tacky but for me there’s something quite charming about the faded glamour of an English coastal town; the arcade sounds and smell of sugared donuts just get me feeling all nostalgic.







Even thought the sun was shining during the day I knew it would get chilly later on at the gig so I chose to wear this lightweight long-sleeved and high-necked floral midi dress from Topshop, the leg slits (lol) allow me to keep cool during  the heat. I paired the dress with some knackered converse because I knew I’d be on my feet for most of the day, the end look is quite ‘summer-festival’ which I suppose worked quite nicely for an outdoor gig.


Outfit of the Day

Midi Dress – Topshop

Bag – Primark

Shoes – Converse


Bae’s Outfit of the Day

(Probably all Topman) 

At about 4.30pm we started a gentle walk back to the North Bay and park area of town to be closer to the Open Air Theatre and the gig. We walked up to the remains of the Castle and along the higher ground trail so we could take in the wonderful combination of picturesque views and lovely weather. Back down on low ground we decided to find a pub for a drink and after a quick Google search the only pub in the vicinity was the North Riding Brewery. If I’m being totally honest it didn’t look he best from the outside so we hesitated slightly upon entrance however upon viewing a number of fellow gig-goers spilling in we took the plunge. This pub was a case of don’t judge a book by its cover, it was a very snug one room affair with a small bar and people using the pool table to place their drinks however it did have an excellent range of ales, craft beers and gins. It was packed with like-minded people going to the Charlatans gig which added to the ambience and built that pre-gig excitement feeling. We stayed for a couple of beverages and then headed over to find our seats and watch some of the support act’s set – Slow Readers Club (sounded a bit like 2006 Editors).



The Castle 

I’ve never been to the Scarborough Open Air Theatre before but I would go again when another band I like plays there, because it’s completely outdoor (if it rains you’re screwed) and the toilets are portaloos and there’s beer tents it kinda feels like you’re at a festival and adds another layer of excitement to the night.



The Charlatans came on stage at about 8.30pm. If you’re not familiar with this band then just have a listen especially if you like the Stone Roses or Inspiral Carpets. The Charlatans are a band my dad introduced me to (cheers pops) so I was delighted when I got the chance to see them locally and their performance certainly didn’t disappoint. Tim Burgess and co ripped through their impressive back catalogue and some newer stuff from 12th album Modern Nature with energy and confidence. The night was quite simply a non-stop jukebox of indie’s greatest hits, naturally North Country Boy, The Only One I Know and One to Another got the best reaction from the crowd, making those of us in seated stand up and get involved.  This band – Tim Burgess, Mark Collins, Martin Blunt and Tony Rogers – were a finely honed musical powerhouse complete with swagger and the distinctive sound that just makes them them. It was an honour to get to see them play.



The Charlatans Setlist

Hey Sunrise



So Oh

Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over

Tellin’ Stories

North Country Boy

Oh! Vanity

Trouble Understanding

Let the Good Times Be Never Ending

One to Another

Not Forgotten

Different Days

Plastic Machinery

The Only One I Know

Come Home Baby

Over Rising

In the Tall Grass

Sproston Green


The day and night passed so quickly but after all, time flies when you’re having fun. Scarborough was a lovely adventure and  and The Charlatans were spot on and got me suitably amped up for seeing the Stone Roses tomorrow night in Leeds (so expect another day/gig diary post in the very near future!)

Untill next time,

sign off


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